Sweet Gazoil

Solutions for the treatment of waste oils


Our unique Hybrid Process (patented) treats used/waste oil using a thermal cracker and an extraction method. The benefits of the Hybrid Process include:

Compared to other heavy and used/waste oil recycling processes

  • Highest return on investment of all processes
  • Flexibility in the type of feed that can be treated and end products obtained
  • Only process with no harmful by-products to dispose of
  • Lower operating costs

Compared to distillation/hydrotreating plants

  • Lower capital costs
  • Higher return on investment
  • No ecologically harmful by-products
  • Resistant to fouling = No need for selective collection or pretreatment
  • Can treat many more types of oils and is more flexible for the various products obtained

Compared to burning

  • Environmentally friendly: There are no toxic or hazardous products. The sulphurs,
    chlorides and metals are removed from the oil so there are no sulphur oxides, dioxins,
    furans or heavy metal oxides produced during combustion
  • Better valorization of feedstock
  • Higher quality fuels (diesel, heavy oil, heating oil)
  • Less cleaning required since the process is resistant to fouling
  • More profitable and better return on investment