Sweet Gazoil

Solutions for the treatment of waste oils


In a Sweet Gazoil™ reactor, heat is the hammer that destroys the hazardous components, and breaks some of the heavier molecules of heavy and used/waste oils, to make eco-friendly fuels and specialty oils. The reaction temperatures can be adapted to a wide variety of feedstocks and to desired product slates because the reactor operates in the absence of a liquid level: the reaction temperature is not limited to the boiling point of the oil.

The oil is sprayed onto plates, which serve as reaction sites and protection for the reactor walls from thermal shock, coke deposits, hot spots and failure. As the reactor turns, the plates slide over each other. This causes the coke to be scraped, released and entrained out of the reactor with the hydrocarbon vapours.

The reactor products exit the reactor in vapour or solid form. The solids, made up of carbon, sulphur, metals and chlorine, are removed from the reactor products before the hydrocarbon vapours are condensed and separated into product oils. The solids are in the form of a non-leachable hydrophobic powder that can be used to extend the life of asphalt or cement.

The hydrocarbon vapours are condensed and separated into gas and naphtha, diesel or wide range gasoil, and heavy oil. The gas and naphtha are used as fuels on site, while the diesel is either sold as is or stabilized, and the heavy oil is sold as either a heavy fuel or specialty oil. There are no harmful by-products that have to be disposed of in industrial landfills or incinerators.