Sweet Gazoil

Customized solutions for the treatment of waste oils


The Hybrid Process is a flexible process that can be adapted to a wide variety of waste oil
feedstocks to make useful fuels and specialty oils. It is energy self-sufficient and makes only
eco-friendly products.
Sweet GazoilTM technology has three parts:

  • The recovery of lubricating oil base stocks or of stable diesel fuel (depending on the feedstock entering the plant) in a new distillation process.
  • The destruction of additives by thermal cracking in a rotating kiln containing plates, upon which the oil is sprayed. The plates serve as reaction sites and they protect the reactor walls from coke deposits, hot spots, and failure. The reactor is a dry reactor, and cracking temperatures can be changed with the feedstock, they are not limited to the boiling point of the treated oil.
  • The stabilization and desulphurization of cracked diesel through a new extraction process.