Sweet Gazoil

Solutions for the treatment of waste oils


The Environment Protection Agency estimates that 40% of the water pollution in the U.S.A. is caused by waste oil. Sweet Gazoil™ wants to transform this oily, and often hazardous, waste into eco-friendly and useful products. We help companies reduce waste and increase profits.


Used oil poses a considerable threat to the environment if it is not disposed of properly. Sweet Gazoil™’s mission is to reduce the negative impact of heavy and used/waste oils on the environment by turning by-products into useful fuels. Sweet Gazoil™ provides industry leaders with innovative solutions for the processing of heavy and used/waste oils in order to minimize the impact of these products on the environment while maximizing the value of the recycled products. Grounded in a strong commitment to the environment, we address the pressing need to treat heavy and used/waste oils through our patented Hybrid Process – which transforms this oily waste into base oils, diesel, specialty oils and asphalt additives. Contact us to discuss how we can optimize the processing of your specific feedstock into the most profitable product slate.