Sweet Gazoil

Solutions for the treatment of waste oils


When used/waste oils are collected, they often contain a high percentage of base oils that can be recovered if separated from the additives and contaminants. Many different processes are used to rerefine or regenerate the base oils. Most use thin film evaporators under vacuum and then use distillation towers to do the separation. They are, however, very sensitive to fouling because the used/waste oils have a high tendency to form gums and carbon deposits.

Rerefiners are limited to the type of oils that they can accept as feed. They usually practice selective collection and need chemical pretreatment of the oils to avoid equipment fouling. Sweet Gazoil™ has developed a process that can do an evaporation and distillation, and is very resistant to solid and gum deposits, while still doing a very good separation of the base oils from the contaminants.

Working in tandem with the cracking process from Sweet Gazoil™, it permits the treatment of a very wide variety of used/waste oils without the need for selective collection and pretreatment. No harmful by-products are produced. It permits the best valorization of the used/waste oils at smaller operating and capital costs than other processes for the same capacity.

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